Moral Psychology

MindBlog: The New Synthesis in Moral Psychology

I have a moral obligation sometimes it makes me angry and sometimes it gives me a sense of purpose. I don’t care what I think about it. I am committed to doing the right thing for zachary. Giving my all isn’t always enough and that’s a brutal truth. Stil the sun rises and sets no matter what I think or believe. I have fun with this as a sort of revenge and mostly for my freedom.

May 29, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Richard Morgan replied:

    Hey, Jen, whenever you feel like you’ve given your all and it’s not enough, know that there are people out there sending you every bit of positive energy they’ve got — and I don’t care how New Age-y that sounds. (Actually, I do care, but I’m going out on a limb and risking having my Alpha Male Collector Card taken away.)

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Thank you, I will think of you when I am facing the black hole at the end of me…. though that might give you a god like status in my universe…

  3. richardmorgan replied:

    Jennifer, I’m as far from god-like as any one person can get. But I like to think that I can occasionally send some positive thoughts to the golden souls out there that can use a hand now and then.

    On the other hand, if I achieve god-like status, I wonder if the IRS will recognize me as a non-profit entity?

  4. Jennifer replied:

    I don’t always think highly of god but I do always think of an alpha force though. When you have a child that suffers so much pain you often want to hunt god down and kill.

  5. Richard Morgan replied:

    I don’t think of God as a being that actually orchestrates the universe. I think He created laws and rules and set events into motion. I think He designed things to eventually turn out the way that they are turning out. When I think of those who are suffering and in pain, I also think that He created us to watch out for them. I also think that those who endure such pain teach us courage the likes of which we’ll never know. There have been times when I’ve railed against God and then someone has come along to help me through, making me think there’s this incredibly complex tapestry out there that although I can’t see the big picture, I can catch glimpses of the weavings.

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