A lesson An Irish Curse ….it’s all about My Ex



July 7, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. max replied:

    Jen, ever read the “ask dave” letters over at Missed Manners? You might like this one :

    dear dave #4

  2. sofia replied:

    Yes..trust her. But was he a bad dude? I say just give him it and then be done with it. But if did hurt you, this is what i did- I went to theexbook, its this big brotheresque site where you post stuff a bout your ex. But you gotta pay, I know its never free! But Its like a place where accountability in the dating world will actually exist. Do it if you like, but It was fun doing mine…cause he did screw me over, but now hes on there for everyone to read about what an a$$hole he is

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