Cause I think Kitty will like it


EEEk it won’t link to the one I want it to but you can scroll down and see MCR and Lilly Allen singing in the rain…..literally and others.

Kitty went traveling. I couldn’t go but….. Where ever she goes she takes her friends with her. she is sweet A fine photog too! Her pictures are great but the one Spanky took for Zach is the best! You have to scroll there too cause you’ll miss out if I link just to one! THey did something really sweet for Zach and I so this link is for her. Kitty rocks! I watched these live concerts and I think I understand her a bit more….hmmmm


July 10, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Kitty replied:

    You were right. I love it!
    How did you find this? Thanks for the treat. You rock!

  2. Jennifer replied:

    I found it through Twitter I subscribe to the BBC Radio Channel T…..

    ( I am teaching zach to twitter so he can “talk” to me and his nanny and auntie and cousins…. all at the same time. He is getting a phone soon so he is practising lately and twitter is a place for us to start….I have a feed on my Jippy blog so he can see what he write travels to us…… )

    I do thank you for reaching out to him. He feels super cool! : )

  3. Kitty replied:

    I saw that Twitter thingy on your blog and clicked on it. I still don’t fully understand what that is all about. Does it have something to do with text messaging?

    Is Zach still in the hospital?

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