U want thinspiration? head on over to Stilettos fitness corner!

I’ve been looking for my own thinspiration to motivate myself and damn if I am not getting all kinds of search hits on that…….. So let me just say hi to all you and let me say….. I am not judging you. I just want to openly share how I ‘ve seen it work and not work. Also, if you are old enough, to send you to someone who is sexy, thin, powerful, and extemely fashion forward.
I was in a treatment center for anorexia and I saw girls be super tiny and live on just fine and I saw girls get taken over like drunks and gamblers do. One chick worked some stuff out and she remained thin and gorgeous and became healthy. Some One I knew better, was engaged to the man of dreams and wanted desperately to have the wedding of her dreams. The ceremony turned out to be her funeral. She was being good but she was staying up late plannng things and getting little tasks out of the way. Then her electrolites freaked out and her heart stopped. He lover was there and could do nothing. He never ever got over loosing her! I don’t know why some girls remain in control and others loose their grip……. I also know plent of Pro ANa chicks who lost control in the other direction and got major fat. To them it was the same problem but no one cared….. like they might now. I am just sayin…….. So here is my personal thinspiration! I can’t even do her warm up routine. Not even with minimal weights. So she gets to laugh at me…OH well……now a warning…… Stiletto is not for children!
eatmyF*ckNstilettos she is HOtttttt!



July 12, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Stiletto replied:

    Hey thanks for linking me. You will like the new pics I’ll put up later today. First I’m getting my face burned with acid but I’ll post after…

    Jennifer, what an awful story. Why do so many women think they have to be super thin? I guess it’s the examples we see around us but maybe women should seize the opportunity to come together and say no more!

    “Stiletto is not for children.”

    You’re right. I can’t stand the little buggers!

  2. Alextoss replied:

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