I love twitter! Just mins. after the earth quake LAFD puts out a Twitter update that they got no 911 calls! Great back to sleep man!

I have to post on twitter it’s making me think I will end this blog.


August 9, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. max replied:

    I forgot how much I dislike earthquakes till last night.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Yeah, I thought about you in a loft, I wondered if it was more intense?

  3. max replied:

    This building is all concrete, if it came down, it would not be pretty. It was not bad, but I always am wondering, is that it? Or is that the forerunner?

  4. Vanessa replied:

    The lack of interaction here is making me fairly rapidly lose interest in my blog. Also the fact that I think everything I post is shit. I don’t like twitter much, as the minutae of people’s lives is not of much interest, but if I’m not going to interact with people, I might as well go all the way and just post on Tumblr. I’m already posting stuff there about 10 or more times in a day…

    Then, there’s also my new blog project, if we can get it past the foetal stage…

    Earthquakes. Oooh.

  5. Jennifer replied:

    I have been working on a social network blog “mutant family” for families of mitochondiral myopathies. Also, starting to suck up to friends at Wolfgangs for help with fundraiser for genetics clinic studies. Trust me when you get a twitter from the the Fire Department mins after an earthquake, it seems really cool. I mean I got that before the news could say there was a quake. You are right on about “the miutae of people’s live” My fav twits are not individual people.

  6. Jennifer replied:

    Ok vanessa, I tried your tumblr….is it a blog without a comment section or a scrap book type of thing? Cool photos Zach liked the animal ones.

  7. Vanessa replied:

    The twitter from the fire department is just crazy. It is a useful thing after all! Very cool indeed… Maybe I need to delve further…

    Tumblr is kind of like a blog without comment. It’s basically a place to dump stuff. They make it so temptingly easy to do so. There are different buttons to click if you want to post a photo, video, link, text, conversation or quote. Also, if you’re on a web page and you see something you want to post, there is a thingy you can put in your tool bar that just adds it there and then without having to visit tumblr at all. I’m posting a lot of stuff there mainly to use it as a dumping ground for this other blog I’m setting up with a friend… I’m picky about what I post…

    It makes me happy that zach liked the animal photos… although I probably should have warned you it’s not exactly g rated, heh….

  8. Vanessa replied:

    I have about 10 people following my tumblr at the moment.. and it’s super easy to reblog other people’s stuff. I dig it.

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