Mutant families……..

Max inspired me to check out a medical blog and then I had a convo with Zach’s doctor and it merged into my new home on the internet. This is just the begining and I know it’s a little boring right now. I am waiting on the docs approval …. I just sent him a link so “waiting”…….whatever…..

I am starting a social network blog for families with mitchondrial disorders.

You should check outNING It’s a free social Network. It’s like having your blog and all of your friends blogs all in one place. Check out some cool ones.

Mine is kind of boring but what do you expect from DNA Genetics? I want to spice it up some. Mutant Families Hey do you think it will offend people if I call it Mutant Families?

Please let me know if you think the name is offensive??? I want to make a cool Mutant family logo but that might really offend some folks…..on the other hand this needs to be fun on some level.


August 10, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. max replied:

    I did?

    Jeez the things I do when I am not looking.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Yeah, you sent me that link to the pain blog job and while I still need to work under the table, for the most part. I thought I could do the same on a volunteer basis and do some good with my time online. ….. It was a good idea for me as you suggested.

  3. max replied:

    Cool I am glad that turned into something good.

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