This blog is dead and will disapear soon



  1. Stiletto Girl replied:

    Hahaha, I was yanking your chain.

    You have to remember, I’m buzzed!

  2. Hawk replied:

    Jennifer: Stopped in to check you out! Read a few things – very interesting; California Girl eh!? I’ll be back to check you out real good when I have more time. It’s almost 0600 hours where I’m at now! Catch you on the flip . . .



  3. Jennifer replied:

    Wow thanks Hawk! I just filled out my About page because of you.

  4. openchannel replied:

    Cruised in from Max’s site because she keeps good company. Thanks for sharing the Body Art and that We Connect site, which is such a fabulously honest and sexy piece of work.

    I have never really allowed myself to be a bitch. I’m here to learn.

  5. Jennifer replied:

    Welcome openchannel!

    Well, I like to say my inner child is a pit bull! You’ve come to the right place if you want to meet your inner bitch. It is just a honest state of being.

  6. The Friendly Ghost replied:

    Question: why am I on your friends list? I don’t have a problem with it but I’m curious, is all. I just found out through my ‘blogs that link here’ link.


  7. Jennifer replied:

    It used to be called a blog roll. I use ‘add to my blog roll’ “friends list” as a bookmark. It reminds me that I was there and liked it and want to go back and read more. Because of my son, I switch computers often and if you are on my friends list I can pick up where I left off. ….if you are in my bookmark, I won’t be coming back until my son is done with this computer. By then I might forget what I was interested in on your blog.

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