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Here are some of my favorite Twitters. These are public and others are private. You have choices.
Like I said I got into it for Zach. I want him to see me type in words and they show up on JippyJabber.blogspot.com He’s getting the idea. He’s going to Twitter to his nanny and cousin and mom for a while. Later he will get a phone and know how to Text and to keep in touch. Forming relationships is so important and texting is the language of “generation mix” or is it “remix” I don’t know, I am not that cool…..

Agent M makes me think I am cool
Bio: Marvel.com’s official Spy in the House

The astroids are falling!
Bio: An astronomy blog usually based in the UK. Pondering questions such as “What is the point of Twitter?”
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

LAFDI love this Twitter….
LA Fire Department
Bio: A full-spectrum life safety agency protecting the City of Los Angeles

Gary Vee OK the website is better! Still if you follow him then the Twitter makes sense.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Bio: I drink Wine and tell people what it tastes like 😉
Location: NY
Of my fav MAX! That’s your boyfriend! HA HA Wine Library TV reminds me of my brother! I am a fan and I’ve never really been a fan of anything before. Well, I’ve always like great inexpensive wine.

OpinionJournalOpinionJournal, It’s bold truly opionated. I love that!
: Opinion Journal
Bio: From the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Location: New York

OceanDoctorOceanDoctor He’s out there doing it! Zach loves it!
David E. Guggenheim
Bio: President of 1planet1ocean (www.1planet1ocean.org) , marine scientist, sub pilot, and conservation policy consultant based in DC
Location: Washington, DC

StandInStandIn is the BEST FOR LAST! I love his show
: Stand In is really funny when he’s on set and right now “internet calls her stupid bitch actress” Has been on the job and “actor shows up drunk “wants out of the show”
Bio: A professional STAND IN (http://tinyurl.com/37mwgk) on a FEAURE FILM. Follow me behind the scenes on the set with the ACTORS & CREW…
Location: Hollywood, California USA

I ROCK Actually, I think my twitter sucks but hell I am in transition all over the place. IT could turn into something. I want to get paid to Twitter!

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Knock knock

What is My Twitter
It’s a text messaging site. You don’t have to hook it up to your phone but you can. You can have it linked to your blog. I am setting one up for Zach so he can Twitter to me and freinds. Because when I text him and the nanny he accepts it and when I call him he gets emotional with me. ( hey, I love that mommas boy!)

What is My life of indulgence and expression
Basically what wine I am drinking, what I am painting, what book I am reading. Where I focus on enjoying something and being creative every day I can.

What is Jippy Jabber
A mom blog. Where I am mad at god and depend on some higher power just as equally. And have the support of people who probably wouldn’t actually like me in person but see through it and give support.

What is Mutant Families
A social networking site “Mutant Families” filled with families dealing with mitchondiral DNA myopathies

What is Zach’s story
Zachary’s medical journey with complex regional pain syndrome, mytochondrial disorder, autism

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pownce invites

I have some pownce invites contact me if you need one.

They let you send larger files 100mb instead of the 10 at yahoo. It’s invite only at this time.

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Mutant families……..

Max inspired me to check out a medical blog and then I had a convo with Zach’s doctor and it merged into my new home on the internet. This is just the begining and I know it’s a little boring right now. I am waiting on the docs approval …. I just sent him a link so “waiting”…….whatever…..

I am starting a social network blog for families with mitchondrial disorders.

You should check outNING It’s a free social Network. It’s like having your blog and all of your friends blogs all in one place. Check out some cool ones.

Mine is kind of boring but what do you expect from DNA Genetics? I want to spice it up some. Mutant Families Hey do you think it will offend people if I call it Mutant Families?

Please let me know if you think the name is offensive??? I want to make a cool Mutant family logo but that might really offend some folks…..on the other hand this needs to be fun on some level.

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I love twitter! Just mins. after the earth quake LAFD puts out a Twitter update that they got no 911 calls! Great back to sleep man!

I have to post on twitter it’s making me think I will end this blog.

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U want thinspiration? head on over to Stilettos fitness corner!

I’ve been looking for my own thinspiration to motivate myself and damn if I am not getting all kinds of search hits on that…….. So let me just say hi to all you and let me say….. I am not judging you. I just want to openly share how I ‘ve seen it work and not work. Also, if you are old enough, to send you to someone who is sexy, thin, powerful, and extemely fashion forward.
I was in a treatment center for anorexia and I saw girls be super tiny and live on just fine and I saw girls get taken over like drunks and gamblers do. One chick worked some stuff out and she remained thin and gorgeous and became healthy. Some One I knew better, was engaged to the man of dreams and wanted desperately to have the wedding of her dreams. The ceremony turned out to be her funeral. She was being good but she was staying up late plannng things and getting little tasks out of the way. Then her electrolites freaked out and her heart stopped. He lover was there and could do nothing. He never ever got over loosing her! I don’t know why some girls remain in control and others loose their grip……. I also know plent of Pro ANa chicks who lost control in the other direction and got major fat. To them it was the same problem but no one cared….. like they might now. I am just sayin…….. So here is my personal thinspiration! I can’t even do her warm up routine. Not even with minimal weights. So she gets to laugh at me…OH well……now a warning…… Stiletto is not for children!
eatmyF*ckNstilettos she is HOtttttt!


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Cause I think Kitty will like it


EEEk it won’t link to the one I want it to but you can scroll down and see MCR and Lilly Allen singing in the rain…..literally and others.

Kitty went traveling. I couldn’t go but….. Where ever she goes she takes her friends with her. she is sweet A fine photog too! Her pictures are great but the one Spanky took for Zach is the best! You have to scroll there too cause you’ll miss out if I link just to one! THey did something really sweet for Zach and I so this link is for her. Kitty rocks! I watched these live concerts and I think I understand her a bit more….hmmmm

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A lesson An Irish Curse ….it’s all about My Ex


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acoustical liberation of books in the public domain AKA FREE AUDIO BOOKS!

I leave you with a little treat I found and maybe you’ll lend your voice to a good cause too.

A library of the free domain

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